Takeoff , Haul off & caterpillar belts

Takeoff , Haul off & caterpillar belts

In Various circumstances and application need has arised to switch over to New Generation Belt in which greater emphasis is being given to design and standardize certain critical application Belts in various segments like Cable, Pvc Pipes and extrusion Industries is amongst them.

These Belts are manufactured in Technical Tie up with M/s. International Conveyors Inc. USA, one of the leaders in Power Transmission & material handling belts.

The reinforced all synthetic new generation belts with specially formulated compounds ensure consistency and dependability with improved performance and grater economy regardless of application because they offer.

  • Light Weight Belts for Heavy Duty Service.
  • Higher Adhesion.
  • Higher Impact Resistance.
  • Controlled Elongation.
  • Highly Abrasion Resistance.
  • Heavy & Uniform Compression.
  • These Belts are manufactured in various combinations depending upon the economics of individual customers.
  • Polyester Cord Insert with PVC Nitrile Blending Compound
  • Polyester Fabric Insert with PVC Nitrile Blending and PU Mixing or Synthetic Rubber
  • Polyester Fabric + Polyester Cord Insert with Construction of Rubber / PVC Nylon Strip at Bottom/Nylon Strip Sandwich in between Top and Bottom Rubber Cover with PVC Nitrile Blending Compound/Synthetic Rubber

Belt haul-offs

Belt haul-offs are used for continuous extraction of pipes and profiles. They are known for especially consistent performance even at high production speeds. The belts are driven by brushless AC servo drives. Both belt carriers can be mechanically or pneumatically adjusted in height. The belts can also be supplied with a cellular vulcanised or rubber layer.

Caterpillar haul-offs

Depending on pad type, dual caterpillar haul-offs can be used for pipes or profiles. Multiple caterpillar haul-offs are used for pipe take-off. The lower caterpillar carriers are adjusted manually, the upper caterpillar carriers are suspended and are pneumatically adjusted.