PVC/PU Conveyor Belts

PVC/PU Conveyor Belts

PVC Conveyor Belts and PU Conveyor Belts

Arushi Engineers manufactures high quality PVC and PU Conveyor Belts, material handling & tread mill conveyors in PVC, PU etc. Tailor made in every size, width, thickness & variety of surfaces executed in open end, endless or with fasteners.

Large Range

With a range of over 190 light industrial belt types in PVC, PU Polywebs and in excess of 140 power transmission products the optimum solution to your belt applications. High product integrity is supported by an active Research & Development programme and the security of ISO 9002 accredited quality management systems by our suppliers. Belt jointing technology and equipment is also made available to customers.

Special Attachment

  • New FDA/USDA approved material
  • Easy to clean surfaces & hygienic joints
  • Can negotiate smaller pulley diameters
  • Special belt types available for specific duties
  • Available in white, green or black
  • Profiles HF welded to base belt


Agriculture Fruit & Vegetable Handling Automotive Industry Automated Systems Tobacco
Furniture Industry Glass & Insulation Baggage Holding Hospitals Textile Industry
Baking Laundries Beverages Letter & Parcel Holdings Chemicals
Biscuit Making Lumber Industry Book Binding Mail Order & Warehousing Sugar Processing
Bottling Meat & Pie Processing Breweries Packing Electronics
Brick & Tile Making Paper Converting Snackfood Industry Jogging Machines Dairies
Frozen Food & Cold Storage Pharmaceuticals Clothing Industry Soap Manufacturing Printing
Poultry Processing Confectionery & Chocolates Fish Processing Canning -

Industrial Belt

Nylon Sandwich Transmission Belts

An optimum quality assurance system and the use of upto-date production facilities guarantee constant standard of quality of our flat belts. A wide range of belts for many applications are manufactured by us. Our R&D also ensure new products from time to time.

  • How we solve your problem?
  • Advise an applications technology.
  • Comprehensive production range.
  • Fitting service
  • Short delivery time even for special Products.


Although Coriamid belts can be used in every possible applications for power transmission and light conveying and its uses are gradually being extended to almost every field. The industries are which presently use are

Textiles Iron and Steel Marble and Stone Cutting Jute
Agriculture Wood Work Paper and Pulp Foodstuffs
Pharmaceuticel Shippping Power Generators Packaging
Engineering Tea Flour Mills Tobacco
Soap Printing Mining Sugar

Tooth Type Belt

As toothed belts can also deliver more power than a friction-drive belt, they are also used for high-power transmissions. These include the primary drive of some motorcycles, notably later Harley-Davidsons. Also the supercharger used for dragsters.