Special Patterned Conveyor Belt

Special Patterned Conveyor Belt / Chevron Conveyor Belt

The chevron conveyor belts are used for carrying wet, loose sand and grain materials in bugs. In addition to a range for normal bulk goods, various special types are available for conveying hot goods, for the transport of goods containing oil and grease, for steep-incline conveying and with special reinforcing materials for particular applications.

The v-shape of the chevron cleats prevents the material from sliding back.

Features :
  • Longer working life.
  • Can carry loose materials at angle of 17-18 and bagged material at 30-35.
  • Cleat angle and pitch are designed for smooth travel over return idlers.
  • Cleats and the top cover rubber are mono block molding for strength.
Application :
  • Wood Chips.
  • Sand and Gravel.
  • Heavy Duty Scrap Metal.
  • Minerals – Coal and Ore.
  • Materials – Fine Coal and Grains.
  • Waste and Recycling Plants.
  • Road Construction.
  • Bagged Materials.